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Sundress Academy for the Arts Seeks Readers for Award-Winning Sundress Reading Series

safta logoSundress Academy for the Arts Seeks Readers
for Award-Winning Sundress Reading Series

The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) would like to invite writers to read as part of their 2018 – 2019 reading series. Since 2013, SAFTA has hosted poets and prose writers as part of their award-winning Sundress Reading Series in the heart of Knoxville, TN, just miles from the Great Smoky Mountains. An extension of Sundress Publications and the Sundress Academy for the Arts, the Sundress Reading Series features nationally recognized writers in all genres from around the US while also supporting local and regional nonprofits. The deadline to apply is June 15, 2018.

We are currently curating our fall and spring reading series schedule. Our readings take place monthly on Sundays at 2PM at Hexagon Brewing Company. To apply to be a reader, please send 6-8 pages of poetry or 8-15 pages of prose, a 100-word bio, and CV in the body of an email to Erin Elizabeth Smith at erin@sundresspublications.com.

We will make every effort possible to contact those chosen by July 15, 2018. While we are currently unable to pay our readers, authors are given a discount on future SAFTA residencies and are encouraged to sell their own books and merchandise at the event.

Find our more or to view some of our past readers and schedules, visit us at www.sundressacademyforthearts.com.

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Nominations Open for 2017 Best of the Net Anthology


Nominations are now open for the annual Best of the Net anthology from Sundress Publications. This anthology promotes the diverse and growing collection of voices who are publishing their work online and serves to bring greater respect to an innovative and continually expanding medium.

Nominations must have originally appeared online, and must have been first published or appeared on the web between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Nominations must come from the editor of the publication (journal, chapbook, online press, etc), or, if the work is self-published, it must be sent by the author. For journals and presses, each entry may include up to six poems, two stories, and two works of creative nonfiction for consideration. For individuals sending self-published work, please send no more than two pieces regardless of genre.

Please include both the URL of the poem, story, or essay as well as a full text version in a Word or RTF document. Nominations must also include the author’s name and email address as well as the name, contact info, and URL of the journal.

Submissions must be sent via email to bestofthenet@sundresspublications.com between July 1st and September 30th, 2017.

See the full submission guidelines here: http://www.sundresspublications.com/bestof/submit.htm


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Call for Submissions–Pretty Owl Poetry


Pretty Owl Poetry is now open for submissions of poetry, fiction, and art for its summer issue, slated to launch in late June.

Send us:

-something shameful. something surreal. a deluge of desire. confessions of crimes & hearts teeming with rattlesnakes. a merry-go-round that makes you dizzy.

-send us your yellowed sweet tooth in a plastic bag. or lockets filled with tiny twig hairs. tell us everything we don’t want to hear. say it in a way that’s sweet to the ear. send us a flash, a jolt, a tickle in your belly. something simple but ahh. give us something that slaps & stings.

-keep the quiet for the mornings & make us dance, twist, shout, & fold around our bodies. send us something to slink into. show us a basket full of molded fruit & take a picture of your mother’s grey, stained socks. tell us about the time you dreamt & flailed.

-keep us up in words. tell us every little thing.

-The Editors

Please submit all work through our submissions manager, which can be found on our website: https://prettyowlpoetry.com/submit/

Pretty Owl Poetry is an online quarterly journal that publishes new, emerging, and established writers in poetry, fiction, and the visual arts. We support all approaches to writing, be it collaborative or individual. We’re interested in experimental and traditional forms and flash fiction masquerading as poetry, all with a lyrical quality.


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Summer Flash Showdown: On-Ramps and Off-Scripts

Downtown Springfield, IL. Photo by Lauren Leone-Cross

Downtown Springfield, IL. Photo by Lauren Leone-Cross

Whoah! It’s already round three of the Summer Flash Showdown, and what a ride it has been. Judges and Sundress staff alike have been impressed and humbled by the creativity evidenced by the first two submissions calls alone. We thank all the participants and readers thus far, and all the new ones to come. But let’s be real: this is only the beginning of the literary hurdles and envy evoking prizes hiding here in the Wardrobe! This week could be your chance to win a copy of Amorak Huey’s debut, full-length collection, Ha Ha Ha Thump! But let’s not forget the Grand Prize Round just around the corner. A crowned champion will walk away with the publication of their story on the blog, and FIVE FREE SUNDRESS TITLES OF YOUR CHOOSING!!! The winners of this round will have the chance to write for this finale of internet epicness. This week’s judge is none other than… B. Rose Huber!!!


B. Rose Huber is the flash fiction editor of Pretty Owl Poetry. She spends her days writing about research at Princeton University. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Cobalt, Pear Noir!, The New Yinzer, the Light Ekphrastic, BE Literary, and Weave, among others. She also binds books for those who ask.

The Challenge: On-Ramps and Off-Scripts

Photo by Lauren-Leone Cross.

Photo by Lauren-Leone Cross.

A character takes a step out his front door. A stranger comes to town. A family stuffs a station wagon full of sunscreen and packed lunches. A young writer hitchhikes across a bygone country. All these have been ingrained into our conceptualization of storytelling in one way or another, but its time to go against the grain with this prompt. The open-road archetype, especially in its American form, is arguably as celebrated as it is re-branded and reused. We want you to mold a new kind of summer road trip story. But to keep you out of the muck of stereotypes, we are locking down the word “vacation” completely. No vacations allowed for these asphalt adventures! Encourage your characters to kick the back of each other’s seats and get lost, but make sure to leave out the punchlines or the “Are we there yet?” adolescents. They can be fun, but we’d rather you surprise us with honest detours away from predictable paths between plot point A and point B. Limit 450 words for round three. Please include a concise, publishable third person bio with your submission.  Send all stories to sundressflashsummer@gmail.com. RTF or DOCX file format preferred. Stories must be submitted by Monday, August 3rd at midnight EST! Best of luck, and thank you for submitting!

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Sundress Publications Now Open for Full-Length Poetry Manuscripts


Deadline: July 19, 2015

KNOXVILLE, TN — Sundress Publications is opening for the first time for submissions of full-length manuscripts. All authors are welcome to submit qualifying manuscripts during our reading period, which will close on July 19, 2015.

We are looking for manuscripts of forty-eight to eighty (48-80) single-spaced pages of poetry. Individual pieces or selections may have been previously published in anthologies, chapbooks, print journals, online journals, etc., but cannot have appeared in any full-length collection, including self-published collections. Single-author and collaborative author manuscripts will be considered. Manuscripts translated from another language will not be accepted.

The reading fee is $12 per manuscript, though the fee will be waived for entrants who purchase or pre-order any Sundress title. You can place book orders or pay submission fees at our store.

To encourage submissions from writers of color, we are offering a 50% discount during this reading period to all writers of color. Those who wish to pay their entry fee by purchasing or pre-ordering one of our titles will be given the option to submit two separate manuscripts or gift their second entry to another writer of color.

All manuscripts will be read by members of our editorial board, and we will select at least two manuscripts for publication. Selected manuscripts will be offered a standard publication contract, which includes 25 copies of the published book.

To submit, email your manuscript to sundresspublications@gmail.com along with your Sundress store receipt for submission fee or book purchase. Be sure to note both your name and the title of the manuscript in your email header. You may enter more than one manuscript, however each manuscript must come with a separate submission fee or book purchase.

A 501(c)3 non-profit literary press collective founded in 2000, Sundress Publications is entirely volunteer-run, publishes chapbooks and full-length works in both print and digital formats, and hosts a variety of online journals. Although we are conscious of the lack of representation by women writers in literary publishing, we are a non-discriminatory publishing group focused on the creativity of all artists, regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, education, etc. We are firm believers in fostering artists whose work is worthy of recognition.

To learn more about Sundress, visit our website at www.sundresspublications.com.

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Here is the list of the amazing writers we received work from for The Wardrobe in March & April of this year.

Lindsay Lusby’s Imago from Dancing Girl Press (2014)

Tasha Cotter’s Some Churches from Gold Wake Press (June 2013)

Allie Marini Batt’s You Might Curse Before You Bless from ELJ Publications (April 2013)

Jennifer Militello’s Body Thesaurus from Tupelo Press (2013)

Judith Gille’s The View from Casa Chepitos from Davis Bay Press (October 2013)

M’s That Mythic Country Called Closure from Concrete Wolf (2013)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s Suicide Notes was self-published (2014)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s Last Hula from Rock in the River Lit Series (SRCA)

Sally Rosen Kindred’s Book of Asters from Mayapple Press (2014)

Kirsten Imani Kasai’s Rhapsody in Snakeskin: Tales of Erotic Horror from E-Book distributed by Amazon (March 2012)

Kristen Clodfelter’s CASUALTIES from RopeWalk Press (October 2013)

Jennifer Cheng’s Invocation: An Essay from New Michigan Press (January 2001)

Sarah Marcus’ BACKCOUNTRY from Finishing Line Press (2013)

Sarah Marcus’ Every Bird, To You from Crisis Chronicles Press (2013)

Elizabeth J Cohen’s The Green Condition

J Gay’s Decomposition from Dancing Girl Press (2014)

Jessica Ankeny’s One Simple Step to Keeping a Clean Gun from Dancing Girl Press (2013)

Lori Lamothe’s Diary in Irregular Ink from ELJ Publications (March 2014)

Amy MacLennan’s Weathering from Uttered Chaos Press (2012)

Angela Howe Decker’s Splendid Catastrophe from Finishing Line Press (2014)

G.L. Morrison’s Chiaroscuro from Headmistress Press (2013)

Mary Meriam’s Word Hot from Headmistress Press (2013)

Susana H. Case’s 4 Rms w Vu from Mayapple Press (2014)

Judith Terzi’s Ghazal for a Chambermaid from Finishing Line Press (2013)


Keep the excellence coming by submitting here!

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February 2014 Wardrobe Submissions

In the two months of The Wardrobe, we received 100 submissions of books and chapbooks by women writers.  While we will be unable to showcase them all, we continue to feature one new writer every week with different curators each month.

Here is the list of the amazing writers we received work from in February.


Maureen Alsop’s Mantic from Augury Books (2013)

Allie Marini Batts’s You Might Curse Before You Bless from ELJ Publications (April 2013)

Karissa Chen’s OF BIRDS AND LOVERS from Corgi Snorkel Press (2013)

Tasha Cotter’s Some Churches from Gold Wake Press (June 2013)

Kristina Marie Darling’s Music for another life from BlazeVOX Books (November 2013)

Jean Donnelly’s city

Lauren Eggert-Crowe’s The Exhibit from Hyacinth Girl Press (March 2013)

Michelle Bonczek Evory’s Art of the Nipple from Orange Monkey Publishing (October 2013)

Judith Gille’s The View from Casa Chepitos from Davis Bay Press (October 2013)

Lois Marie Harrod’s How Marlene Mae Longs for Truth from Dancing Girl Press (2013)

Kirsten Imani Kasai’s Rhapsody in Snakeskin: Tales of Erotic Horror from E-Book distributed by Amazon (March 2012)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s Suicide Notes was self-published (2014)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s Last Hula from Rock in the River Lit Series (SRCA)

Sally Rosen Kindred’s Darling Hands, Darling Tongue from Hyacinth Girl Press (2003)

Sally Rosen Kindred’s Book of Asters from Mayapple Press (2014)

Kathleen Kirk’s Interior Sculpture: poems in the voice of Camille Claudel from Dancing Girl Press (2013)

Lindsay Lusby’s Imago from Dancing Girl Press (2014)

M’s To That Mythic Country Called Closure from Concrete Wolf (September 2013)

Shikha Malaviya’s Geography of Tongues from The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective (2014)

Sarah Mangold’s The Goddess Can Be Recognized By Her Step from Dusie Kollektiv (February 2014)

Dana Guthrie Martin’s (in the space where i was) from Hyacinth Girl Press (2012)

Jennifer Militello’s Body Thesaurus from Tupelo Press (2013)

Cindy Savett’s Child in the Road from Parlor Press (2007)

Julia Klatt Singer’s A Tangled Path To Heaven from North Star Press (June 2013)

Angela Torres’s Blood Orange from Aquarius Press (September 2013)

Meg Tuite’s Her Skin is a Costume from Red Bird Chapbooks (November 2013)

Unknown Extremadura from Finishing Line Press (May 2013)

Julie Marie Wade’s WHEN I WAS STRAIGHT from A Midsummer Night’s Press (2014)

Amy Watkins’s Milk and Water from Yellow Flag Press (2014)


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January 2014 Wardrobe Submissions

In the first month of The Wardrobe, we received 70 submissions of books and chapbooks by women writers.  While we will be unable to showcase them all, we continue to feature one new writer every week with different curators each month.

Here is the list of the amazing writers we received work from in January.

Emily Avendroth’s ]Exposures[ from Ahsahta Press (May 2014)
Kristien Abraham’s The Disappearing Cowboy Trick from Horse Less Press (August 2013)
Kathleen Aguero’s After That from Tiger Bark Press (October 2013)
Judith Arcana’s Keesha and Joanie and Jane from Eberhardt Press (July 2013)
Judith Arcana’s The Parachute Jump Effect from Uttered Chaos (August 1912)
Michelle Auerbach’s The Third Kind of Horse from Beatdom Books (May 18,2013)
Kim Baker’s Under the Influence from Finishing Line Press (March 2013)
JoAnn Balingit’s Words for House Story from WordTech Communications (May 2013)
Becca Barniskis’ Mimi and Xavier Star In A Mueseum That Fits Entirely In One’s Pocket from Anomalour Press (October 2013)
Grace Bauer’s Cafe Culture from Imaginary Friend Press (October 2013)
Tantra Bensko’s Collapsible Horizon from Create Space Independent Publishing Platform (July 2012)
Liat Berdugo’s The Everyday Maths from Autumn Hill Books (July 2012)
RK Biswas’ Culling Mynahs and Crows from Lifi Publications (July 2012)
Kelly Boyker’sZoonosis from Hyacinth Girl Press (2014)
Michelle Chan Brown’s Double Agent form Kore Press (September 2012)
Leah Browning’s In The Chair Museum from Dancing Girl Press (2013)
Mary Lou Buschi’s The Spell of Coming (Or Going) from Patasoia’s Press (March 2013)
Susana H. Case Elvis Presley’s Hips and Mick Jagger’s Lips from Anaphora Literary Press (April 2013)
Susana H. Case’s Earth and Below from Anaphora Literary Press (April 2013)
Sara Chaney’s Precipice Fruit from ELJ Publications (October 2013)
Cathryn Cofell-Mutschier’s Sister Satellite from Cowfeather Press (August 2013)
Ryder Collins’ Orpheus on Toast from Imaginary Friend Press (November 2010)
Chella Courington’s Girls and Women form Burning River Press (2011)
Barbara Crooker Gold from Wipf & Stock Pub (June 2013)
Sandra Doller’s Mysterieuse from Autumn Hill Books (March 2013)
Meg Eden’s The Girl Who Came Back from Red Bird Chapbooks (August 2013)
Stevie Edwards’ Good Grief from Write Bloody Publishing (April 15, 2012)
Moira Ega’s Hot Flash Sonnets form Passager Books (June 2013)
Maureen Foley’s Women Float from CCLaP Publishing (May 2013)
Janice Freedard’s The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider Autumn Hill Books (March 2013)
Patricia Frolander’s Married Into It from Hight Plains Press (June 2011)
Jeannine Hall Gailey’s Unexplained Fevers from New Binary Press (March 2013)
Peggy Hamilton’s Questions for Animals from Ahsahta Press (September 2013)
Brenda Mann Hammack’s Humbug from Misty Publications (2013)
Sara Henning’s A Sweeter Water from Lavender Ink (September 2013)
Sara Henning’s To Speak of Dahlias from Finishing Line Press (2012)
Jane Hoppen’s In Between from Bold Strokes (December 2013)
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt’s The Intimacy Archive form ELJ Publications (October 2013)
Rose Hunter’s You As Poetry from Texture Press (September 2013)
Lucy Ives’ Orange Roses Ahsahta Press (September 2013)
Alyse Knorr’s Annotated Glass from Furniture Press Books (2013)
Dawn Lonsinger’s Whelm from Lost Horse Press (April 2013)
Katie Manning’s The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman from Wipf & Stock Pub (May 2013)
Michelle Menting Myth of Solitude from Imaginary Friend Press (September 2013)
Ye Mimi’s His Days Go By The Way Her Years from Anomalous Press (March 2014)
Monica Mody’s Kala Pani’s from 1913 Press (December 2013)
Amanda Montei’s The Failure Age from Bloof Books (2014)
Barbara Nightingale’s Two Voices One Past from Yellow Jacket Press (May 2012)
Patty Paine’s Feral from Imaginary Friend Press (March 2012)
Adriana Paramno’s My Mother’s Funeral from Cavankerry (October 2013)
Connie Post’s And When The Sun Drops from Finishing Line Press (2013)
Joani Reese’s Dead Letters from Cervena Barva Press (2013)
Helen Ruggieri’s The Kingdom Where Everybody Sings Off Key from Aldrich Press (April 2013)
Jane Satterfield’s Her Familiars from Elixer Press (February 2013)
Tina Schumann’s As If form  Dover Publications (October 2011)
Natalie Shapero’s No Object from Saturnalia (March 2013)
Carol Smallwood’s A Ceremony from The Head & The Hand Press (2014)
Ayshia Stephenson’s Black Hands on a Morning Calm from Imaginary Friend Press (2014)
Stephanie Strickland’s Dragon Logic from Ahsahta Press (September 2013)
TC Tolber’s Gephyromania from Ahsahta Press (2013)
Sarah Tourjee’s Ghost from Autumn Hill Books (March 2013)
Sara Tracey’s Some Kind of Shelter from Misty Publications (2013)
Amy Tudor’s The Secret Museum from Finishing Line Press (2014)
Meg Tuit’s Bound By Blue from Sententia Books (November 2013)
Meg Tuit’s Her Skin is a Costume from Red Bird Chapbooks (2014)
Ruhama Veitfort’s Strange Attractors from Endeavour Press (2014)
Laura Madel Wiseman’s Intimates and Fools from Les Femmes Folles Books (January 2014)
Laura Madel Wiseman’s Queen of the Platform from Anaphora Literary Press (December 2013)
Laura Madel Wiseman’s How to Survive a Hotel Fire from Coconut Books (June 2012)

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