The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: We are traveling through dark at tremendous speeds by Sarah Sadie

This selection comes from the collection We are traveling through dark at tremendous speeds by Sarah Sadie, available from Lit Fest Press. Order your copy here. Our curator for October is Tausha Fouts.

Sarah Sadie is the founder/owner of Odonata Creative, a Kaizen-Muse guiddess to all realms creative, and a Qoya dance teacher. Former Poet Laureate of Madison, she now works with women and men in small groups, workshops, classes and 1:1 to help them identify  their creative passion and audacity through small steps and interesting questions.

We are traveling through dark at tremendous speeds”  is her second full-length collection. You can find out more about her at her website:

Tasha Fouts is the 2018-2019 SAFTA Writer in Residence at Firefly Farms.  She received her MFA from Bowling Green State University.  Her work has appeared in Salt Hill, Bateau, Glass, Birds Piled Loosely, and Small Portions.  She is a co-founder and an editor at Packingtown Review and hosts the podcast Getting Drunk with Writers.



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