Woman Particle Out of Phase: A Review of Margaret Bashaar’s Stationed Near the Gateway

Agape Editions

In Margaret Bashaar’s Stationed Near the Gateway (Sundress Publications, 2015), a gothic cast of characters inhabits a Hotel, each trying to figure out their respective places in it. They walk between dimensions, among dreams and each other’s bedrooms, through gardens, under water, getting tangled in one another’s hair. They roughly ricochet off each other, bite each other’s shoulders, continuously looking for a shared song to sing and never really seeming to find satisfaction. The search for peace and connection, however, remains ongoing and passionate: even the ghosts in this book are restless.

The main character, running barefoot through these poems, is Claire. Earthy and sensual, Claire enjoys eating apples and tomatoes, and isn’t afraid to get banged up a little. We are told that she lives at the Hotel—that emblem of transience. No wonder, then, that Claire is described to the reader in terms of movement; she is associated repeatedly…

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