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alabamasteveAlabama Steve (Sundress Publications, 2014; Destructible Heart Press, 2008)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of publishing an online chapbook?

There are plenty of advantages to publishing a book online. For one thing, the wait time between acceptance and publication is usually much shorter; there’s not nearly as much editorial backlog and the production timeline is simpler when you don’t have to worry about printing budgets, distribution, etc. Online publications are also universally accessible, so there’s the possibility of a wider readership. That said, there’s still a vague stigma surrounding digital publication–the impression that it’s not a “real book,” that if it’s free it must not be very good. While I too romanticize (perhaps even fetishize) physical books, there’s no denying the shift towards digital publishing. I think people are getting increasingly comfortable with it.

What’s the best writing or publishing advice you’ve ever gotten?

An undergrad writing teacher told me…

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